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The Size of the Scandal - Jillian Chantal

Loved it! I MUST read more books by Jillian!!!

This is one of those books where I would have read the whole thing no matter how long it was; one of those “I can talk myself into not doing just about anything just so I can keep reading this book!”

It’s a sweet historical romance that I was sucked into from the beginning. The whole story was just fantastic (I am trying not to spoil anything!).

Charlotte was written perfectly. She struggled with conforming to society’s expectations and doing what her heart told her was right. I have to imagine that many women back then were feeling as Charlotte felt.

And I totally fell in love with William. He’s funny and smart, very playful and yet vulnerable, and I found out later in the book.

Jillian has a true talent for writing this type of story, and I would absolutely read more in this series, if a series ever came about! But, given how well she can write a sweet romance, I’m VERY interested in reading some of her more spicy ones!

***I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***