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Bodyguard/Husband - Mallory Kane

HOT tension, intriguing mystery, an amazing ending!

This is one of my favorite stories of all time! I first read it YEARS ago, lost the paperback somehow, but the story stayed in my head. By sheer luck, I stumbled upon it online and I am SO happy I did!

I LOVE these kinds of stories: Two strangers pretending to be married but then feelings develop between them. While their attraction to each other is instant in spite of the surrounding dire circumstances, the tension that exists between them that they try to ignore is SO awesome to read! Mallory really did a great job introducing and developing that tension in a way that REALLY held my attention! Also, the emotions that Mallory portrayed through Holly and Jack were so well done!

Holly is being tormented by a stalker, and Mallory keeps introducing characters that could be suspects, but the mystery she kept alive with regard to "whodunnit" was fantastic! I didn't remember who the stalker was from when I first read the book, and I was SURE I had figured it out, but I was VERY wrong!

The major conflict towards the end is SO suspenseful. The imagery Mallory used to describe the settings and what Holly and Jack were experiencing was phenomenal.

I just fell in love with this book all over again!!!