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Fighting the Fall: Beyond the Cage - Jennifer Snow

WOW!!! Wowowowowowowowowow

I LOVED IT!!!. I thought this book was even BETTER than the first one in this series (both are stand-alones, both are SMOKING HOT, and I will be reading both over and over).

I liked the whole "uptown girl meets downtown guy" undertone to the plot. The diversity of the worlds Parker and Tyson respectively lived in made for some interesting conflicts and added a unique emotional flavor to the book.

I also liked how Tyson was open and up-front with Parker that he didn't "do relationships," and when it turns out he had meant those words, I liked how Parker was real and reminded herself that she had gone into this thing with Tyson with eyes-wide-open and wasn't delusional about anything. It's that kind of realistic character trait that Jennifer imparts to her heroines and it makes her books very enjoyable to read!

And oh my gosh, the ending!!! I loved it! It was absolutely adorable...well, as adorable as a secy tattoo-covered no-nonsense MMA fighter can be :) I hope I get to find out more about Parker and Tyson in subsequent books! And I WILL be reading the subsequent books...every single one of them! I LOVE THIS SERIES!!!!

***I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***