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Petite Madeleine: Drew's Story (Meadows Shore Book 3) - Eva Charles

Another wonderful book in this series! I was pulled in from page 1. After reading the synopsis and then reading Drew for a few pages, I just could not WAIT for he and Cassie to be reconnected. I couldn't wait to see what that initial reintroduction would be like! This was, for me, the most emotional book of the series so far. It deals with some pretty heavy issues, but Eva did a phenomenal job of discussing these issues with tact and dignity. (No spoilers here!) Eva balanced this book perfectly with sizzle and lightheartedness, but also some darker emotions that made this book seem very REAL. I liked that I got to catch up with Sophie and Cole (from books 1 and 2, respectively), and it was nice that I got a better glimpse of the other characters, all of whom I'm sure will get their own stories too (can't wait!!!). This whole series is so well done, and each is a solid, well-written contemporary romance. I'm hooked! ***I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***